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RANBUILD is pre-engineer building, its structure is an innovative alternative for engineer, architects and project owners who demand speed and efficiency in building erection. Besides, the customers can select quality cladding and profile from BlueScope Steel, the world leading steel technology.


Zincalume steel is metallic coated sheet steel which has an alloy coating composed of 55% aluminum, 45% Zinc. The result of extensive technical research, Zincalume steel is a superior coated steel for use in a wide range of building and manufacturing applications. It is produced in accordance with Australia standard number 1397-1993.


Clean Colorbond
Clean Colorbond prepainted steel is a suite of premium products resulting from many years of research, development, and testing by BlueScope steel. Sophisticated paint system are applied to a ZINCALUME metallic coated steel base and oven cured to produce highly corrosion resistant and durable prepainted steel. The paint systems are specially formulated with “Clean” technology to resist dirt staining in tropical climates for longer lasting beautiful buildings.