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Every shed in the RANBUILD range has been designed to give you the strongest most reliable building possible. The light-weight cold form galvanized framework provides strength and versatility not available in other building type. Couple this with lower cost compared to a custom made building and you have excellent value for money. With over 60 years in Australia, RANBUILD building are well and truly tried and tested. RANBUILD was introduce in Thailand since 2010.

What makes RANBUILD better?

  • RANBUILD buildings have a framing system like no other. The galvanized steel components bolt together for added strength and longer life under all sorts of applications.
  • The back-to-back galvanized steel intermediate columns and rafters provide a strong and functional frame at a lower cost than comparable hot-rolled or fabricated members.
  • Galvanized steel C section roof purlins and wall girts are flush with outside of columns and rafters. This allow for smooth, continuous cladding without reducing valuable internal space.
  • All nuts and bolts are made from high tensile steel, zinc coated for added protection. When cast into the concrete footings, the anchor bolts guarantee secure fastening down in all weather conditions.
  • RANBUILD unique modular system means you can add bays of various sizes to make the building fit your site. Bays may be open, enclosed or supplied with a variety of standard options.

Choose from the extensive range of durable and attractive COLORBOND or ZINCALUME steel cladding.

Optional extras includes awnings, annexes, windows, skylights, insulation and ventilation items. Just everything you need to make your shed the way you want it.